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Dear Members,

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New Color Scheme
- The member area top menu bar, manage contact screen, and contact view screen are darker and easier to read than the older light blue color.
- New Help Videos were added and the help interface is easier to read.
(Be sure to clear your cache to see the new color scheme. Support can help with this)

New Custom Search Fields
- Click Manage Contacts, than Custom Search. Use the top drop down to see the new fields.... INCLUDING DUPLICATE CONTACT SEARCH.

New Media: Single Postcards, E-cards, Campaigns, and Greeting Cards
For Team Leaders
- Mega Camp - KW Leadership to KW Associates
- Mega Camp - KW Leadership to NON KW Associates
- Course Marketing - Social Media and Bold
For Everyone
- Announcements - New Agent Introduction
- Home Anniversary - 10 yr Campaign
- Seller - Downsizers

Have a Great Week! - Frank Jurado, President

P.S. Live Webinars are now twice a week. Register here:

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