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Happy New Year!! I hope your 2011 is off to a great start! If you were using our automated 12 or 33 touch campaigns in 2010 than I'm sure you will see results in 2011! Here's two videos that explain sales ratios discussed in "The Millionaire Real Estate Agent" Book:

12 Touch:
33 Touch:

**Jan 13, Thursday - SNEAK PEAK Custom Postcard Engine
** Jan 18, Tuesday - Using MRT with Teams
** Jan 20, Thursday - Using MRT to Predict Your Business

spam filter - You'll notice your agent and property web sites now require your leads to enter verification text. This will eliminate any spam coming through your lead generation forms.

NEW FEATURES - Coming Soon (Feb 2011)
- Custom HTML E-mail
- Custom Postcard Engine
- Paperless Document Storage
- Quick Email to any contact with attachments
- Quick SMS to any contact

TIP - How to Add all Holidays to Your Calendar
- Add yourself as a contact in your database
- Open the contact record
- Click "Manage Action Plans"
- Choose "Pre-Made Plans" from drop down next to "Plan Type"
- Select "U.S. Holidays" under "Active" column
- Click "Apply Changes"
- Click "calendar" and notice all holidays have been added!

Have a Great Week! - Frank Jurado, President

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