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Our Customer support hours extended: 6am-5pm PST., You asked for it and you got it! We're happy to extend our hours to support our East Coast members. New List importers have been added: (REDx, wise Agent). Easily upload your daily leads from REDx with the automatic list importer. New search features under "contact search" and new group management features under "advanced search" have been added. Price is no longer required on Just Listed/ Just Sold Postcards. A number is no longer required to send out a postcard, build a website, or flyer. If you choose to send a media piece without a list or sales price the system will allow you the flexibility of customizing this field. There are new video tutorials under "Help". There are new Product Demonstration Videos: We're building out more postcards with different themes, if you have any suggestions, please let us know. Be as specific as you can so we can build you exactly what you want. Please send all suggestions through the member "feedback" button.  

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