How Using as Your Real Estate Agent Software Can Benefit Your Business

When it comes to choosing real estate agent software in the 21st century, you may wind up picking one software package for lead generation, one for database and contact management and one to manage all of your marketing. Fortunately, offers a comprehensive and affordable software solution that allows you to run your entire business with one easy-to-use interface. is also web-based, which means you aren't taking up valuable hard drive space on your computer to drive this powerful, dynamic marketing tool.
Learning how to use the real estate agent software from is incredibly easy since you'll have access to video demonstrations that walk you through each step and every feature. You'll be able to pause, rewind and fast-forward through all of the material so you can quickly learn and complete every MRT task with just a few simple clicks of your computer mouse. You'll also have access to our experienced and knowledgeable tech support staff who can answer all of your questions in a patient and friendly manner. It doesn't matter if you're 'computer illiterate'-all of the features in the software package are intuitive and well-designed.
As we mentioned before, we designed the real estate agent software from to be a truly one-stop solution that can manage your entire real estate business. For a low monthly subscription price, you get all of the following features from MRT:
  • A contact management system that includes a dynamic database, summary screens, calendar, task lists and reminders
  • A business management system that includes a call center, a transaction center, a financial manager and a lock box manager
  • A marketing and follow-up system that allows you to create powerful campaigns using more than 3,500 marketing pieces
  • A complete real estate CRM system that includes listing and closing plans as well as pre-built and custom-built marketing campaigns
  • A team system that allows you to include up to five team members for the same monthly subscription price
  • Mobile apps for Blackberry and iPhone
  • A website system that allows you to create agent websites, stealth websites, property websites, purchase domain names and more
  • A social networking system that links you to Facebook, Twitter and Craigslist
  • As you can see, is a real estate agent software package that has been designed BY real estate agents FOR real estate agents. Experienced agents appreciate the fact that MRT does not require set-up fees or contracts. We constantly receive feedback from our clients that rave about the fact that MRT is the fastest, easiest and most affordable way to keep in touch with clients, generate leads and market themselves.

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    If you're looking for a way to become more efficient and more productive in your real estate business, will deliver the results you need. You'll be able to reach more clients in less time than ever before thanks to our automated features. Get a FREE 15-day real estate agent software trial today.