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4-26   New Features  
4-12-11   Update!  
2-23-2011   New Features  
1-12-2011   Update  
11-19-2010   Update  
9-26-2010   New Features  
9-1-2010   New Features  
8-12-2010   New Features  
7-8-2010   New Features  
5-27   In observance of Memorial Day our office will be closed Monday, May 31st. Have a great holiday weekend!  
5-5-2010   New Feature  
4-29-10   New Media Added...  
4-26-2010   New Features Added!  
2-9-10   Product Enhancements  
1-31-2010   Product Enhancements  
1-18-10   New Features Added!  
12-22-09   New Features Added!  
11-2-09   New Features Added  
10/30/2009   Customer Support Hours Extended! 6am to 5pm PST  
10/10/2009   New Red X Importer added!  
9/23/2009   Listing Reminders added to the Summary screen  
9/17/2009   New import feature added! Assign imports to a team member.  
9/16/2009   New Feedback System Added. Help us design your software!  
9/15/2009   Training videos launched!  
9/1/2009   Team Support Added! up to 5 addition accounts for the same price.